Attack of the Cat Women

 Yesterday I found myself at Clapham Junction station which as most people in London know is a nightmare of stairs and multiple platforms because it's the busiest station in the UK. I stood at the bottom of the stairs with the bambino in my arms and my pushchair in front of me, dithering over whether to go to the platform because I was confused about which train I was getting. After finally making a decision, a cute French guy offered to take the pushchair up for me and just as we set off up the stairs, a CRACKHEAD (Yes an ACTUAL crackhead, not a family member) with a face full of bruises snatched the pushchair from him and started weaving up the stairs.

The French guy, another passenger and I stared at each other in confusion and I must admit that for a moment I thought that the pushchair had been stolen, but then I realised that if he was making off with it, it'd be better for him to have run out of the station, not onto a platform! We all followed him upstairs and about four or five steps from the top, he slipped and fell backwards down the stairs! He was so out of it he barely noticed and there were several audible "Oh!"'s and "OOOOOO"'s. He lolled about on the stairs with the pushchair and narrowly missed careering into the wall at the side. When he got to the top, he set the pushchair down and I thanked him for his help whilst trying to restrain a nervous fit of the giggles. He seemed a mometarily caught off guard by my thanks and then charged back down the stairs, probably back to his crackhouse, but it's nice to know that he went out of his way to help me....

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