Best Time To Contact Women

I have a mother that was very direct about a certain number of things. One of these is acceptance of all bodily experiences - as they are.

Natural child birth practices, breast feeding in public and keeping at least some body hair had her vocal support.

One thing I remember her telling me was, “Don’t ever put anything near (or in you) that tries to smell like something it isn’t. However you smell is exactly how you are supposed to smell.”

The feminine products aisle (AKA ‘Hygiene’) got very little love from her.

I have to say that given time and experience I agree with her thoroughly. The smell of powdery fake flowers that wafts from that place makes me gag, to say the least.

Only I am certain that without much experience, specifically in the available brands of douches, I may have missed a very important lesson that I am now learning.

First of all, I had no concept of the number of styles, scents and packages they came in!

And just like my blindness to the stunning array available from the pharmacy shelf I've been dangerously ignorant of the vast variety available in the douchebag men of the world.

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