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Dear Bitter Single Guy: I am newly divorced and involved with a man who is living with another woman. He seems to be ambivalent about living with her, and he says he loves me. I think he and I are both confused about what to do now. -- Don't Want a Threesome

Dear D.W.A.T.: The Bitter Single Guy has a little confusion over your letter, so will answer it both ways it could be interpreted. He will start with the lesser of two evils, naturally.

If your gentle beau is one of those enlightened individuals who can live comfortably with a roommate of any gender and this woman is nothing more than his platonic, buys-her-own-food, splits-the-utilities roommate, there should be nothing to worry about, right? If this is the case, kudos to your enlightened beau! You just need to update your thinking to include this multi-gender household until you and this gentleman decide to cohabitate.

If, however, your man and this woman are romantically entangled, the Bitter Single Guy STRONGLY recommends you un-tangle yourself from that triangle unless you're looking for that polyamorous thang and everyone is willing to play. -- B.S.G.

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