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 Kat, I am a choice mom and my daughter is 26. I think that you are making the assumption that because we are choice mothers we hate men and we think that fathers are irrelevant. I don’t think that fathers are irrelevant, a great involved father is wonderful. Unfortunately, there is a big majority of men that do not want to have children, that do not care about the children, and many men are deadbeat dads. If a woman makes a conscious decision to bring a child into this world, is prepared for it, educated, has a great support system and is able to help her child and support her child through all possible issues, yes it is in the child’s best interest regardless of marital status. I don’t think it is in the best interest of ahy child to bring it to an abusive relationship or to a bad marriage because what the child is going to learn is negative patterns.

What really matters is the quality of the parenting not the quantity. My daughter has a closest relationship with her uncle and her Godfather than what many children have with their own fathers because they never see their father. My daughter is getting married next year, I can assure you that if I would had thought her or if she would had learn from me that fathers are irrelevant she wouldn’t be getting married.

Everything boils down to good parenting. If you are bringing a child to the world for the best, then it is in the best interest of the child. And as to your son, if I were you I wouldn’t be worried. I am more than sure that if you thought him to be responsible and he is a good man and he really wants to start a family, and he wants to be a dedicated father, and he is respectful, affectionate and good with women, I bet that he will have more than enough women chasing him to marry him. Because what women want is good responsible men that want to start a family, and guess what, there aren’t many of those and the few that are like that are all married by 30. Perhaps that is why the number of choice moms is raising, not because we are encouraging anybody but because men don’t step up to the plate.

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Prosacco Jerde
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