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One problem I have is the question of who the characters are.

Romance novels: men are impossibly powerful figures with dark pasts. Women are of the everyday variety so the reader can identify.
Visual porn: men are of the everyday variety (the plumber coming to fix the pipes) and women are too (the bored housewife).

Romance novels: women are imbued with the magical ability to heal his heart and make him love again. She will change his dangerous ways and make him give up that mysterious life to spend the rest of it with her.
Visual porn: women are imbued with a magical and very mythical characteristic called ‘The Matching Libido.’* Sex is actually pleasurable to the women, and like free money, if it is offered no strings, it’s eagerly accepted.

(*I know. You’re female and you have this. Please realize that you’re a statistical outlier.)

Romance novels: men are imbued with ‘dangerous’ characteristics and risk everything. All the time. The instinctively know the odds, they read minds, and everything they do is hopelessly romantic. They’re hardhearted to everyone but tenderhearted to her at the last moment.
Visual porn: men have enormous sex organs, and can satisfy the woman’s insatiable desires — all one or two of them, because all she wants is rock-hard c?ck. There’s no cleaning out the garage or arguing about taking the kids to Timmy’s birthday party instead of heading out for a Poker game on Saturday afternoon.

etc etc.

To men, visual porn is a fantasy. Most of us know we don’t have a rock hard sixpack on our abdomens and few of us have anything over 7 inches between our legs. This fantasy world evaporates as soon as we see ourselves in the bathroom mirror. I hope that women see romance novels the same way, but romance novels construct an entire fictive world. Visual porn only creates a world where women actually want to have sex.** If visual porn’s hook were simply hardbodied women, then amateur porn wouldn’t sell… but it DOES. The fantasy is NOT about the sculpted bodies and implants. It’s about the real, carnal desire that doesn’t exist in the real world.

**Yep. I know. You’re female and are hornier than most men. If that were true, your boyfriend/husband wouldn’t ever watch porn.


A lot of women hate visual porn because they imagine they have to compete with the women’s BODIES. They DON’T. What men want them to compete with is the fictional LIBIDOS in the films.

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