Compound Your e-commerce Store Sales by Executing Split Testing

The main objective of every e-commerce store is to make people buy their products or services. Simply getting huge traffic is not enough; you would have not achieved your aim if customers don’t press the buy button. Normal shops have salespersons and other means to deliver their sales pitch, but what do e-commerce stores do? They depend on their website copy to do the sales talk. But how do you optimize your e-commerce store so that you get more real, buying customers? You can try out split testing. In this article we’ll take a look at split testing and how it can help you increase your sales. 

Split Testing Defined

Simply put, split testing means to tweak an element of your site and see how the changes you’ve made have an effect on your customers’ actions. Split testing helps you in the following ways:

      1)    It helps you to see exactly what customers are doing on your site or on a page.
      2)    If they are clicking where you would like them to click.
      3)    Are they signing up to your e-mail list?
      4)    Are they purchasing a particular product?
      5)    Are they purchasing more products? 

It’s a Powerful Test

The power of split testing lies in the fact that the mathematical rule of compounding helps the improvement after the tests be much more than it seems. For example, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) did split testing on their world service site and discovered that a minor change in the copy resulted in a three-fold increase in the number of persons clicking on a specific link. Let’s see how this compounding works. If you make 10 minor improvements and each betters your conversion rate by 10%, the overall rise in sales is not 100 (10x10); it’s actually much higher due to compounding or the multiplier effect.

What To Split Test

Everything on your e-commerce site can be split tested to check out behavior of visitors. The rule is: If it can be changed, it can be tested, including copy and design – for example, product by ux agency - -  descriptions/photographs; buy button colors; page layout; sign-upform design and pricing; even complex things like overall site structure; product categorization;bar functions search and various check-out processes.


One Tweak at a Time

You’ll get better results if you tweak one thing at a time. One small change at a time will help you know precisely what exactly is helping you. Little changes lead to overall, effective changes in your entire site. For example you could speak to customers and write the copy for your homepage in their style of language. You can do a similar thing with your sales staff.

Tools For Testing, Visual Website Optimizer and Optimizely are three good tools that you can use to split test elements of your online store. They cost money but if will be a good investment for your website. Also, Magento, Bigcommerce and Shopify all come with apps/extensions to split test.

Summing Up

As we have seen, split testing is a great way to know how everything little thing on your e-commerce site works and how you can effect changes that will help your business by many factors. Both experienced traders and starters must use this test to raise their sales and take their businesses to another level.


Race of Mobile Applications - Android Getting Ahead Of Others

The Google, leader of the group alliance manufacturing the Android, has come up with a unique strategy to popularize the Android. The Google offers the Android technology as an open source. This implies that anyone can have accesses to the Android software development kit free of cost. All the resources required developing the Android mobile applications such as the tools and libraries can also be accessed without paying any charges for it. The Android mobile applications are based on Java which is not a very difficult programming language. The number of those experts at Android Application Development is growing very fast.

Most of the competitors of Android including the iOS (used in iPhones) , Symbian (used in Nokia), OS of BlackBerry and OS of Windows Phones are closed and can only accessible after paying some registration charges. In this world of competition, the winner is the one who takes the best advantages of the limitations of other and this is what the Google up to.

The Google has adopted another strategy also to enhance the popularity and the number of Android application available. It has sponsored a competition or challenge among the Android application developers so that it can have the advantage of the best of talent and creativity.

When offering the Android SDK for free, Google knows that most of the Android applications will be designed for catering the needs that are popular. In these times only applications that are of substantial use are going to be bought and used. By resorting to this strategy Google knows that Android can penetrated deeper into the mobile applications market. Moreover when the cost of the Android Application Development is lower than that of other mobile applications, it is but natural that the users will download it (Android applications) more.

When Google ventured into the mobile applications market through Android, most of the critics believed that Google’s main drawback or weak point was that it did not have its own brand of mobile phone in the market. Now that the Google has bought Motorola the equations are going to change and the balance is going to tilt towards vantage Google. Motorola has been one of the leading manufacturers of mobile phone and smart phone devices. The technology patented by it is going to be transferred to Google. In the near future, the smart phone devices from Motorola are going to have the Android technology and compatible with the Android application. They may already have the common Android applications as inbuilt when you buy them.

As the market of mobile application evolved it is said that only those applications that run effectively, efficiently, have excellent features and functionality, and compatible with the operating system and platform of the smart phone device are going to reign supreme in the market.

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