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The economy being what it is today, many people are trying to save a few bucks wherever they can. Unfortunately, most folks think dating requires money and is therefore one of the first line items deleted from the budget. I’m here to tell you that a good date can be had on a shoestring budget.  In fact, sometimes thinking less about impressing your date with a fancy activity and more about getting to know him or her is the key to successful romance.


Why Being Low on Cash May Be Good for Your Romantic Life

Obviously a coffee date is an inexpensive way to go, but not what I would normally suggest for a first date. There’s something a little impersonal about most coffee joints that makes going for coffee feel more like a job interview and less like a date-maybe it’s all the yang energy from the laptops and cell phones.  Once you get to know someone, a coffee shop is a nice, inexpensive way to meet, especially if there are good bakery treats or a little (quiet) live music. The thing a coffee date has going for it is the opportunity for conversation, and this is what you can find in other budget-sparing activities, as well. Guys, let’s face it, most women love to chat, and making that the centerpiece of a date will score you points with your partner.


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