Famous Dishes in Karachi

Just like the city itself the cuisine of Karachi is a combination of various impacts. Many ethnic groups and traditions have contributed their flavors, spices and methods to create a unique collection of tantalizing foods that is on the spicier side with an attention on aroma and meat. Here is a rundown of the best 4 dishes you should eat when in Karachi.

Chicken Karahi

Another should have dish when in Karachi is the Chicken Karahi. This spicy dish gets its name from the wok it's cooked in, called Karahi in Urdu. All Pakistani resturants catering to local cuisines will serve the dish. Ingredients like ginger and tomatoes are the superb kinds of this delicious dish alongside chicken or different meats.


Handi is a creamy delicious aromatic dish made from a large number of ingredients but cooked in a short span of time. This dish is very popular and everyone loves to eat it because of its exquisite taste originating from Mughal and Punjabi influence. The dish gets its name from the earthenware pot or Handi in which it's meant to be cooked however it can also be made in a wok or Karahi.

Chicken Tikka

Chicken Tikka originated from the Punjab region and is popular in both Pakistan and India. The dish is prepared by marinating chicken meat, with spices and yogurt and then cooking it over fire using skewers. It’s equivalent to Tandoori Chicken and is referred in Karachi mostly as chicken tikka whether the meat is boneless or not. It’s a dry dish so it’s regularly presented with cut limes, yogurt or green chilli and mint dips and is eaten with roti or naan bread.


Haleem is a thick stew of flour, soup, lentils, barley, meat and spices. It's one of the most popular dishes in Karachi because of its taste and nutrional benefits. This one of a kind dish should be devoured in the street stalls on Karachi. Haleem is also famous in different varieties in central Asia. The dish is normally finished off with lemon juice, new ginger, chopped green chilies and fried onion.

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