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 So I survived my schoolies weekend. There was not a lot of drinking or sex…but we did enjoy cocktails on the top floor of the Q1, the Gold Coast’s tallest building. It is actually the tallest 20th building in the world. So Jenny and I had a very Sex in the City moment on the Q1 Bar over looking the city (picture above)..two Queens on one Queen drinking cosmopolitans.

Then we headed to our hotel room to glam a bit up before heading to the tattoo parlour. I somehow got Jenny to trust me to do her make up. Ever since I was six, I’ve always wanted to play with make up. I know…it is very gay of me. I do not want to wear it, but I think I was a make up artist in my past life. It seems like such an artform, creating beauty using the human face.

Jenny was not impressed with my first attempt at being a make up artist. Somehow I got mascara all over her face. I used way too much blush and made her face look like she had a really bad spray on tan. I used a lip pen as eye shadow and a bit of glitter on her cheeks. She looked like a drag queen who had been in the sun too long and had walked down oxford street on the night of Mardi Gras.

In exchange for wasting her make up, Jenny painted my finger nails black. My hands looked cute..I was going for that goth look. I was a bit worried about going to the tattoo parlour with nail polish. The guys in it looked pretty rough and mean. But Jenny made me go…somehow I had to be seen in public wearing nail polish but she would not venture out looking like a tragic drag queen.

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