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This technique takes practice to “perfect” so you are recommended to start at a lower level to strengthen your PC muscle. The recommended starting point of the technique is Stage 3. Once you achieve stage 3 you are supposed to flex your PC muscle. Now this can be achieved by either by flexing your muscle as you were to stop yourself from peeing or to firmly grasp for penis under the head and squeeze. If you do the latter of the two practices you will need to add enough pressure that you experience a receding feeling. After doing this you may be less erect and will need to work it back up. Now you repeat this process a few times and then move on and do it at stage 4 a few times. After you get a hang of slowing the flood flow and build up you procede to the final phase. You continue sex/masturbation until you are almost at the tip of climax and then repeat the step above. If done properly you will actually have a slight orgasm. You may excrete a small amount of semen, but you will not completely ejaculate. After this is done you can procede to have sex for theoretically as long as you want, because it will take a fair amount of work for your body to build up another ejaculation.


This technique given, I believe it would be possible to masturbate and not lose your testoterone because you aren’t fully ejaculating. If everytime you masturbated you did this you should retain your testoterone. If that is the case its a win-win situation, you can still masturbate have an orgasm and keep your manly chemicals.


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Well done with this article! I really like the way... Hueima Titan 10/6/21 3:11 AM

Hueima Titan
Well done with this article! I really like the way you present it and the way you make it interesting
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Posted on 10/6/21 3:11 AM.

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