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Due to the influence of the Korean cultural wave (Hallyu) in general and the need for human resources fluent in Korean language in the community, there are 150,000 Korean people living and working in Vietnam in particular. Nowadays, there are many universities and foreign language centers teaching Korean. In 2012, while foreign language centers focused on training Korean, Hanbee Vietnamese Foreign Language pioneered to bring new wind to the capital with an inspiring and interesting new language - the language of the stars. Why are there millions of fans and most importantly, the language creates a very attractive learning and employment opportunity. With a team of lecturers from the Korean language major at the Da Nang Foreign Language Center - trung tam tieng han Da Nang, the best environment for students to learn Korean right at the school. Hanbee Viet is considered by many students to have an enthusiastic and cute teacher, a good Korean learning environment, enthusiastic and responsible staff, good study quality, and many opportunities for central exchange. organize Korean language training with Koreans. Hanbee Vietnamese Language Center, Hanoi University of Science and Technology currently offers general Korean courses from beginner to advanced level with experienced Vietnamese and Korean teachers. Teaching Korean to Vietnamese people. Cao Guol (高句麗 / 고구려 / Koguryo) and Baekje are considered interrelated, probably both originating from the Old Kingdom of Korea (Kochoson) in the history of North Korea (see also: language Fuyu) Less is known about the relationship between the Old Korean, Cao Gou Ly and Baekje languages ​​on one side and the languages ​​of the two kingdoms of Tam Han (Samhan) and Silla (新 羅 / 신라 / Silla) ) on the other side, although many Korean scholars believe they have the same root, and are the basis of modern Korean. With the authorized functions and experience in organizing Korean language teaching, the Korean Studies Center of the University of Social Sciences and Humanities - Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City is competent to carry out the hosting of the English speaking project. Han entered a Vietnamese high school, piloting it in Ho Chi Minh City. Due to the strategic nature of bringing language education into high schools for the development of partnerships, at present, in Vietnamese high schools, in addition to the commonly taught and basic languages ​​such as English , French, Chinese, Russian have added Japanese, German, Korean has been very slow to penetrate this area and thus has not guaranteed a bridge role for the development of Korean relations. Quoc - Vietnam.
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