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After living in a mother-daughter household for almost a decade, it’s still taking some time for me to get used to all the guy talk around here. Moving in with Thunderpants — a man who loves his tools — this past spring was a big change. Now that I’m face-to-face with contractors and carpenters every week, there’s a constant stream of testosterone around here.

Like yesterday, when our lead carpenter asked Thunderpants how things were going with finding a pole for our living room. A pole? For structural reasons, we’ve got to add a sturdy beam inside our home to support our second floor addition. The height was not something that was up for discussion: it needs to be nine feet tall, from floor to ceiling.

Fortunately, my man seemed very pleased by this measurement. The shape and dimensions of this post, however, are open to discussion. We both agreed it would look beautiful if was exposed.

A naked post in the center of our living room? It’s going to be a real piece of art. At first, there was some joking about my husband carving a personalized tiki pole, like this:


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