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On # of sexual partners - If you're hanging around a slutty group of women, then you have to realize that most women aren't like that. If they were, then the PUA community wouldn't be so full of guys who have to approach 100 women just to get one lay.

On the number of women you've been with - how many women did you have to approach before getting that lay? Who's to say that the one girl you happen to lay after all of those approaches isn't a slut? I wrote about this before. I knew of three lair guys that all fucked the same girls. Did it mean that all women were that way? No. It just means that they all found the same few slutty women.

Also, who's to say that you aren't just better than the average guy? I know that I am. Just because you've slept with a high number of women, it doesn't mean that women are slutty. It can very easily mean that you are simply more attractive than the typical guy that these women come across, and they want you so badly that they'll just sleep with you right away.

On fucking right after a date - Again, how many women do you have to approach to get that date? Also, who's to say that the women you are easily getting dates with and fucking right away aren't straight up sluts that are represenative of most of the women out there

I could go on and on with this, but I really don't have the time to get into a back and forth debate. The stats are out there. A better way to get a truer test is to look at the women that are your friends, assuming that you have a lot of them. You can't pass judgement based on the number of women that you or your really attractive friends have laid.

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