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It would be easier to hate the LGBTQ community. I would have a clear “villain” to hate. I would have a focus for my anger and would redirect some of the hurt I felt from the betrayal of my ex to a larger party. Kind of like when you are stabbed in the heart with a screwdriver, survive, and then sue Home Depot. Its not Home Depot’s fault. It is not LGBTQ’s fault that my husband lied to me and himself all those years. He was a coward and a son of a bitch, don’t get me wrong, but he had his reasons. I have forgiven him somewhat, even though he has hardly asked. His community has embraced him, where is my community? My “community” might embrace me better if I would renounce him, ex-communicate him, or have a bit of hate for the LGBTQ, but I don’t. I’ve got nothing but love for them. I want nothing but justice, understanding, acceptance, and civil rights for all. So, “polite society” won’t have me. Fuck polite society. Just last night after a death in the family, I had a gay man come over and commiserate and drink wine with me. My own family was “nice” to me, but I do not feel comfortable round them all the time, mainly for being single and childless. That’s a whole other story.

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