The 8 Most Common Car Battery Drainers to Avoid

So, it's just like any other day. You wake up, get ready, and are all set for work. You get into your car  and push the ignition, and surprise, surprise - nothing happens. Now the rest of your day is ruined. 
Fear not, for we've all been in this position before. It's best to be proactive when it comes to matters  pertaining to your car battery. So, how could this have happened?
Several variables can result in a battery drain. Let's look at what some of the most common ones  are.  
The 8 most common car battery drainers to avoid 

1. Human error  
We've all probably done this once in our lives when we've come home tired. Not entirely thinking  about it, we've left the headlights switched on after parking. If not the headlights, we haven't closed  the trunk properly, or have probably left the cabin lights on.  
All these factors, as a result of human error, could result in an overnight battery drain. While this is  common, newer cars have the technological capabilities to turn off the lights automatically, or notify  you in case you've left them on.  
2. Parasitic drain 
This one's a little more inconspicuous than human error. Parasitic drain occurs when any vehicular  component continues to run after the key is switched off. Some parasitic drain is standard.  
For instance, your battery provides power to various components like the clock, radio presets, anti theft alarm, etc. Electrical issues, such as faulty wiring, improper installation and faulty fuses,  enhance the level of parasitic drain. This could exhaust your car battery. 
3. Faulty charging 
If your charging system does not work effectively, your car battery may run out even while driving.  This occurs because many cars power their lights, radio, and other generator systems that can make  battery exhaustion worse.  
If there is a load problem, the alternator may have loose belts or strains that prevent it from  working. 
4. Faulty alternator 
Your car's alternator is vital in charging the battery and powers electrical systems like lights, radio,  air conditioner and automatic windows. If your alternator has a defective LED, your battery may  drain.  
An alternator (bad) diode can cause the circuit to change even when the engine is off. You will end  up in the morning with a car that does not start. 
5. Extreme temperatures 
With extreme weather, whether it's hot (more than 100 degrees) or cold (less than 10 degrees), the  temperature can cause lead sulphate crystals to build up. 
If the car remains in such a condition for too long, sulfate build-up can damage the battery in the  long run. If you drive long distances, it can also take a long time for your battery to charge. 
6. Excessive short drives 
Your car's battery tends to wear out faster if you take one too many short drives. This is because it  doesn't get enough time to recharge during the course of the drive.  
When starting the car, the battery puts out more power which leads to your vehicle shutting off  before the alternator has a chance to recharge. This explains why the battery doesn't last as long as  it should. 
7. Corroded or loose battery cables 
The charging system cannot charge your battery when driving if the battery connections have  corroded. They must be checked for signs of dirt or corrosion and cleaned with a cloth or brush.  
The loose battery cable makes it difficult to start the motor because it cannot transfer electricity  efficiently. 
8. Old battery  
If your battery is old or low, it will not withstand a full charge. If your car does not always start as possible, then the battery is likely worn out. You're advised to replace your car battery every three  or four years, especially if it's older or poorly maintained.  
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