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On a frigid winter morning last week, I saw a most heinous offense.  A Latina woman pushing a baby in a stroller ran toward a city bus as it was closing its doors and preparing to leave the stop.  The young mother waved her arms, as if begging the driver to let her and her child onto the bus.

The female driver obviously saw the woman – she looked directly at her – but pulled away anyway, leaving the woman and her baby in the street.

I understand these buses are on tight schedules.  I also understand the MBTA, Boston’s public transportation system, has had money problems which have made already bad service dismal.  Perhaps the driver was behind schedule and afraid to get into trouble with her superiors.  Maybe she was disgruntled and simply having a bad day.

Regardless, is there any reason for a woman and her baby to be ignored and left out in the cold?  Especially by a publicly funded institution designed to serve the community.

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