This overnight face mask has changed my skin!

 Everyone has heard of the proven true skin care rule. Don't sleep with makeup on. Wash your face every day. Reapply sunscreen whenever possible. The list goes on and on.

Being a beauty editor means taking perfect care of your skin, right? Wrong.
Confession: I've broken every skincare rule you can think of. Is there SPF on the beach? Yup. Tanning beds? (Embarrassingly) Yes. Did I forget to moisturize? Yes, I did. Was it too late and did I leave all my makeup on? Definitely did that. Beauty editor title aside, most of my middle school through college years were spent without a skin care routine (cringe worthy, I know).
It wasn't until I moved to New York and started interning at a magazine that I realized the importance of skincare. Since then, my shelves have been filled with sunscreens, serums, masks, toners, and retinols of all kinds. Being a beauty editor has only strengthened my hoarding habits and made it harder to differentiate between different products.
Having said that, some products are more expensive than others. Dr. Brandt Hydro Biotic Recovery Sleeping Mask is a perfect example. I started using this a few months ago when the product first came out. After the first use, my skin felt noticeably softer and looked visibly brighter.
This mask is intended to be worn after cleansing before bedtime. Made with yogurt powder, the mask's creamy texture dries immediately after application to the face, making it easy to use and safe for pillows. The secret is that the mask works with the skin's natural ecosystem to restore balance and moisture lost from daily activities such as pollution, UV exposure, stress, and diet.
Moisture is one of the keys to healthy, happy skin, and this mask locks in the skin with a deeply hydrating blend of ceramides, fatty acids, soothing actives, and tamarind extracts.
And I keep facial massage with L&L Skin beauty tools,  Use their MIO2 facial massager and move upward from smile lines to cheeks and hold pressure at cheeks before moving knuckles across cheekbones to ears. Drain lymph under eyes by gently massaging under eyes towards ear and then move fingers around eye to eyebrows and apply pressure before circling back to under eyes and repeat.
This mask is safe to use daily and has a permanent place in my skincare routine. I apply it after cleansing, go to bed (no need to rinse it off), and wake up the next day with refreshed, glowing skin.


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