To Reject is Human


 Well…if you like threesomes head to Brazil where it takes three not two to tango or in this case to samba. Italians are the best at making sure women are satisfied….who cares about them…they are the most romantic. Who has the least amount of sex and is most likely to pay for it…the Koreans!

Aussies rank high when it comes to porn, spending high to get someone into bed and if they could have one sexual superpower it would be to last as long as possible in the bedroom. The Aussies favourite position is on top!!...I definitely like that! Oi Oi Oi Aussie…Aussie!

To shag or not to shag?

When it comes to sexual relationships, the type of sex can be as varied as the individuals. There is vanilla sex, the kind most married couples practice. Then there is the Bill Clinton sex which many gay men practice in toilets at bars and clubs. Then there is kinky sex which involves the dressing up in leather, using whips and chains and possibly water sports.


Single people have the freedom to shag anytime, anywhere and anyone! But are there times that we should not shag? Maybe....There are some occasions where you should pass up on sex.

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