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Last week I got a phone call from my parents.  They called to say they would be in town and wanted to see Alpha Boy and Dirt Bike Boy.  I’m shocked.  They travel extensively and yet they only visit every few years.  If you haven’t noticed, we don’t get along and we haven’t for almost 13 years.  As many of you, I live my life and raise my kids by my own ideals.


Originally I decided that Alpha Boy would hang out with my parents, Dirt Bike Boy and I would opt out of the family reunion.  But on the day that was planned, I decided to go.  The boys and I met my parents at one of the local malls.  I figured that would be a 1/2 point from my sisters place, where they are staying.

The boys and I got their early.  They arrived shortly after and met us at the food court.  Over the next 2 hours the five of us sat at a table talking.  It was tense at times, but overall it was good.  The most difficult thing is that Alpha Boy has a long relationship with his Grand Parents, but he also remembers what made us go our separate ways.  On the other hand Dirt Bike Boy has only spent a few hours with them on 2 previous occasions.

Alpha Boy shared all the highlights of the last couple years of his life.  He talked about school, friends, sports, and ect.  Dirt Bike Boy’s conversation was directed more as a conversation with his brother, because he doesn’t know them.  So they basically played 20 questions with him.  As I sat that and watched the boys talk about everything in their life and all the things they enjoy doing, it hit me.

No matter what my parents think of me or what they thought I was doing wrong, they can’t deny that I’m a good Dad.  It’s evident by the how much the boys laughed at each other’s funny stories, hospital trips, accidents, make money schemes and such.  Just about every story they told ended with “Dad took me to the hospital” or started with “Dad helped us.”

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