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Two main reasons:

1.) She'll fall in love with you just by merit of you giving her attention. Just give her a taste (heh). Enough to make her think you might be interested in her.

2.) It's going to intrigue the cute girl. Her mind will be full of questions like, “Why is he hitting on my gross friend and not me? Aren't all guys shallow? Why is he being so nice to her?”

Bring a Wingman

This is certainly an easier option, and it'll work better if your wingman knows what he's doing at least a little bit. It's simple: your wingman distracts the cockblock by talking with her, entertaining her, porking her in the bathroom, etc. while you do your work.

When All Else Fails...

When all else fails and you're still getting cockblocked, you have one option left. One option that's going to take some balls to pull off.

Call the cock blocker on her BS.

Will this potentially ruin your chances with the cute girl? Sure, but you'll be doing men everywhere a favor, and it's more likely the girl you're after will respect you for it. Lines you could use might be:

“Stop cockblocking your friend.”
“Where you raised by animals? You're rude.”

“Would you like me to call you a cab?”


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